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Vancouver: between beaches and mountains

Hi guys! Through this article, I’m going to introduce you to Vancouver, the city where I have been living for 17 months. Vancouver is a coastal seaport located in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada.

Vancouver is bordered by mountains in the north, the Strait of Georgia on the west side, Burrard Inlet to the north and Fraser River to the south. Therefore, there are several beaches to enjoy all year round if you want to walk for a bit. It’s as well a typical north-american city, with buildings in Downtown.  It’s an extremely pleasant city to live in thanks to this mix of nature and urban landscapes. Vancouver has been ranked among 5 of the  most livable cities in the world after Melbourne and Vienna!


Vancouver is located approximately :

  • 41 km from the American border
  • 3550 km or 2206 miles from Ottawa ( the Canadian Capital)
  • 7575 Km or 4708 miles from London

The climate is classified as oceanic, winters are normally warmer than in the other canadian cities, however Vancouver has coolest temperatures during summer. I said « normally » because this year we had several snow episodes, not a big deal compared to

North Shore Mountains seen from Kitsilano


But Vancouver is also one of the wettest cities in Canada, yes it rains a lot! By the way, it’s raining right now… Rain season lasts from October to April, inhabitants call the city « Raincouver ». However, this doesn’t stop Vancouverites to live and enjoy the city, I’ll probably post an article about what to do in Vancouver when it rains


Downtown skyscrapers seen from Queen Elizabeth Park on a rainy day


According to the 2011 census, 610,000 people live in the city so far and 2,4 millions in the Greater Vancouver.

I’ll describe Vancouver in future posts, its neighborhoods, its History, its numerous outdoors and indoors activities. I hope you’ll feel like visiting this amazing city thanks to these articles. I will of course post articles about other cities in North America. Feel free to give me advices, suggest topics..


Seaplanes are one of the ways to discover the city, but a way to travel to other BC cities
Totem Pole in Stanley Park.




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